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The IACPM is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the practice of credit portfolio management.


The articles below provide information on developments, events and issues of importance to the Association and its members.


Impact of New Accounting Standards - Joint IACPM/McKinsey Study

The IACPM and McKinsey conducted a survey of 51 financial institutions around the globe to highlight how the industry views the strategic and business implications of the accounting changes.


IACPM FOCUS: Regulatory and Accounting News 2017

The IACPM continued to focus its efforts on several very important regulatory and accounting issues: A Note from IACPM's Executive Director, Som-lok Leung.


Outlook Survey Forecasts Wider Spreads and Rising Defaults

IACPM Credit Outlook Survey forecasts wider credit spreads and rising defaults, while significant differences remain for North America versus Europe.


The Capital Odyssey: Contemporary Perspectives on Bank Risk and Capital Management

At the IACPM Spring Conference in Berlin, Adrian Docherty, Head of Bank Advisory at BNP Paribas, provided timely analysis on the rapidly evolving regulations and accounting standards and important implications for credit portfolio managers. VIDEO


Credit Outlook Modestly Dims for North America

Sentiment toward credit conditions in North America turned modestly more negative in IACPM's latest quarterly Credit Outlook Survey. Forecasters expect credit spreads to widen and corporate defaults to increase.


IACPM Publishes 2017 White Paper on Principles and Practices in CPM

IACPM published a White Paper on findings of the 2017 Principles and Practices in CPM member survey. The 2017 data shows a widening range of CPM business models and expanding CPM responsibilities across a number of areas.


IACPM Research Referenced in IIF's Response Letter to FSB

The IIF included findings from the joint IACPM/ Oliver Wyman study on Financial Resource Management in its response letter to the FSB Consultation Document.


Credit Outlook Survey Forecasts More Difficult Credit Conditions

Respondents to IACPM's latest Credit Outlook survey note a certain amount of complacency that has settled into the financial markets: Credit spreads are tight and there is little or no risk premium, even while markets confront a number of challenging issues.


Financial Resource Management - Joint IACPM/Oliver Wyman Study

Surveying 48 leading banks around the world, the IACPM and Oliver Wyman jointly conducted a survey to explore how complex and competing constraints on capital, liquidity and funding are balanced post-crisis.


Latest IACPM Survey Reflects Continued Caution On Credit Outlook Amid Signs of Improvement

Respondents to the latest IACPM Credit Outlook Survey continue to forecast rising defaults and wider credit spreads but sentiment is somewhat improved over recent quarters.